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Room 442
New York, NY 10011

About Me

I'm a Junior Fellow of the Simons Foundation and post-doctoral researcher in the Analysis of Computer Systems Group at New York University's Courant Institute, working with Thomas Wies. Before, I obtained my PhD from the University of Braunschweig, Germany, under the supervision of Roland Meyer.

My research revolves around the analysis and verification of concurrent programs. I am specifically interested in the automated verification of high-performance data structures. During my PhD, I have contemplated about the manual memory management aspect of non-blocking data structures and how to verify it separately. Currently, I am focusing on progressing the state of the art in automatic verifiers for garbage collected data structures.


  1. Model-Based Fault Classification for Automotive Software
    Mike Becker, Roland Meyer, Tobias Runge, Ina Schaefer, Sören van der Wall, and Sebastian Wolff
    APLAS 2022
  2. A concurrent program logic with a future and history
    Artifacts Available and Evaluated&Reusalbe
    Roland Meyer, Thomas Wies, and Sebastian Wolff
    OOPSLA 2022
  3. Verifying Non-blocking Data Structures with Manual Memory Management
    ETAPS 2022 Doctoral Dissertation Award
    Sebastian Wolff
    PhD thesis, 2021
  4. Pointer Life Cycle Types for Lock-Free Data Structures with Memory Reclamation
    Artifacts Available and Evaluated&Reusalbe
    Roland Meyer and Sebastian Wolff
    POPL 2020
  5. Decoupling Lock-Free Data Structures from Memory Reclamation for Static Analysis
    Artifacts Available and Evaluated&Reusalbe
    Roland Meyer and Sebastian Wolff
    POPL 2019
  6. Reasoning About Weak Semantics via Strong Semantics
    Roland Meyer and Sebastian Wolff
    Principled Software Development—Essays Dedicated to Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday, 2018
  7. Effect Summaries for Thread-Modular Analysis
    Lukáš Holík, Roland Meyer, Tomáš Vojnar, and Sebastian Wolff
    SAS 2017
  8. Pointer Race Freedom
    Frédéric Haziza, Lukáš Holík, Roland Meyer, and Sebastian Wolff
    VMCAI 2016